Friday, April 15, 2011

Kinect™ vs. Move

Say what you want about the Nintendo Wii, it paved the way for motion controlled gaming, and I couldn’t be happier. For those who don’t know, motion controlled gaming is playing a game, not with button presses, but with movements that mimic the actions seen on screen.

Recently Sony’s PlayStation® and Microsoft®’s Xbox® got into the mix. Which one is right for you? If only it was that easy. Let’s break it down.

Xbox® Kinect™

The Good : Minimal contollers. The Kinect™ controller plugs into the USB interface of your Xbox®. It’s the only thing you’ll need to control Kinect™ games. No extra controllers to purchase, no batteries to buy, one item and you’re ready to go. The crazy thing about the Kinect™ is that it recognizes your whole body with almost no calibration. Feet, hands, and head are all recognized just by standing in front of the camera.

The Bad : Xbox® Kinect™ has a definite lag, and doesn’t interpret every move correctly. I found myself kicking repeatedly in Kinect™ Sports Soccer before it registered my movements. Kinect™ also recommends a 6’-10’ distance from your television. If you live in a major metropolis your limited floor space might bump you out from using the Kinect™. Kinect™ is also limited to “waving” style games, no shooters, guitar hero, or delicate movements here.

Why you should get this : If you want to get some exercise and bust a sweat NOBODY does it better than Xbox® Kinect™.

PlayStation® Move

The Good : True one to one movement. The buzz term “one to one,” refers to the exact replication of movement from what you do, to what appears on screen. The PlayStation® Move is everything the Wii promised.

The Bad : If you want two people playing at once, the maximum for simultaneous play, you’ll have to buy two move controllers ($50/each) and the PlayStation® Eye ($35), and possibly additional Navigation Controllers if you’re looking for more “hardcore” gaming options. The additional dollars, plus the management of keeping them all charged can cost you a lot of time and money. Plus the move only registers your hands, so soccer and dodgeball are right out. Be very careful in choosing a game for this platform. Many developers are not as solid as writing for the Move, so each title should be scrutinized before purchasing.

Why you should get this : Gaming should be about real life skills, not about button combos and power ups. If that’s your mantra, then this is the system for you.

In the end
I’ve been playing the PlayStation® for fun and Xbox® for exercise, but bottom line I recommend them both. If you’re like me you’re a video game addict from the 70s and need to snatch up all that these two platforms have to offer.